The online Relationship Counseling and Sex Therapy services from Borders bring together an experienced team of professional therapists. Our aim is to offer clients a high quality online counseling therapy service which we hope will make relationship counseling and sex therapy accessible to a range of clients who might be unable to access traditional, face-to-face therapy.

Each of our therapists follows the ethical guidelines of their professional bodies, and they can provide you with more information on this before you begin working together. Our therapists are members of the BACP, the Counseling Society, or the UKCP.

All of our counselors hold professional qualifications in Counseling or Psychotherapy, and have further training in relationship counseling or psychosexual therapy. They have extensive experience of working with clients, and follow a clear code of ethics in their work with clients.

Please contact us if you have any questions before you decide whether to begin online counseling or sex therapy.

How does Online Therapy work?

If you feel that you would benefit from working with a therapist, but are not able to attend sessions in person, online therap may be the answer you are looking for. Our clients choose online therapy for many different reasons. It can be an ideal option if:

  • you are very busy, perhaps working long hours or unusual shifts, or you travel frequently, and find it very difficult to fit in regular face-to-face appointments;
  • you are housebound for some reason – for instance, if you have limited mobility or care for small children or elderly parents;
  • if you are worried about seeing a counselor face-to-face and prefer the extra privacy offered by e-mail or instant chat;
  • if you find it easier to explore difficult issues and feelings when you write them down, rather than talking about them.

As long as you have reasonable access to a computer and feel comfortable communicating via e-mail or instant chat, then it is a quick and simple way of working with a therapist.

Many clients have told us that they find it much easier than they expected to put down their thoughts in writing – and they also like the fact that they are able to reflect on what they have written, and look back over their correspondence with their counselor.

By sharing your thoughts and feelings with your personal therapist you will no longer be dealing with them on your own.

Online therapy is a joint effort – by sharing your thoughts and feelings with your therapist you will no longer be dealing with them on your own. Your therapist can work with you to find new ways of understanding the difficulties you are facing, and encourage you to explore new ways forward – perhaps by problem-solving, perhaps by challenging, or perhaps by using another approach that seems to suit your needs.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the online approach to therapy or our therapists before you begin.

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